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Cary Kinney

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the beginNing...

Being a Native Texan you can say it is in my blood.  I struggled finding real BBQ in NOVA, so I went back to my roots.  I started humbly cooking for family and friends perfecting the finest BBQ I could.  With encouragement from those family & friends (i.e. taste testers) over the years I launched Star 225 BBQ.  Nothing makes me more happy than seeing people enjoy my BBQ.


My secret? It's not one, admittedly. Time and attention to the details is a big part. An unrelenting love for BBQ is the other big part. Between those two, I think I pretty much have my BBQ bases covered.


Turns out I also like people though. I am not making these delicious, one-of-a-kind BBQ creations to not share them with our human species brethren. I hope to share them with you, and soon. So contact me and feast on the greatest BBQ around.  You won't be sorry you did.